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Favor is the simplest way to have anything you want delivered to your door in 45 minutes or less, and we're part of the H-E-B family. Plus, new users get 4 weeks of $0 delivery fees on everything from fast food to emergency essentials!
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At first, I was annoyed with the fact that you had to turn on your location services and select your address EVERY TIME you opened the app, but they have fixed that issue, and now it gets your address from history and runs smoothly. The few times we have had an issue (too long wait time... I'm talking 2+ hours, or wrong items delivered), they have always reached out to us and made it right after we inform them of the problem.
Alex F
I love the app the only downside is where I live. I can only order from 2 dollar stores a stripes and a Subway no major grocery stores. But the customer service is great and while it may take a while for a runner to get my order they always make sure to get exactly what I ask for and let me know if an item is unavailable in the store. Edit* So another problem is the tips and deliveries are really expensive if your on a budget.
Amanda Keener
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Favor - Local Delivery Service
Delivery . Favor - Local Delivery Service is the number 1 pizzeria chain in Uzbekistan (by the number of pizzerias and deliveries).We work in Tashkent, Samarkand, Andijan, Namangan, Fergana, Kokand, Almalyk, Chirchik and Bukhara.We will deliver a hot pizza for free in 40 minutes or provide a certificate for a free pizza.In our menu, pizza for every taste - Pepperoni, Margherita, Alfredo, Kebab, Double Cheeseburger, Bellissimo branded, Chicken with mushrooms, BBQ chicken and many others. Do you
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no english language option?? where is english option.
Sweet aiza
App constantly crashes. I can't follow along delivery track. And please add some description for pitsa, not just ingredients. Some names are written, but I can't understand taste of the product, is it bitter or sweet.
Azizbek F
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