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About Nerds Rope

Buy Nerds rope edible online.  Nerds Rope Strawberry 400MG Nerds Ropes are made with high-quality cannabis and infused with 400mg THC. This medicated treat packs a powerful, long-lasting punch. Tastes exactly like the nerd rope candies we all know & love!  Always start with a small portion (eg. 1/4 piece) in order to determine your tolerance level.  All candies are lab tested and manufactured in a licensed, inspected facility. Nerds rope edible for sale, nerds rope edible 400mg, order medicated nerds rope, delta 8 nerds rope

The world’s best Medicated Nerds Ropes 400mg. You will be able to taste the weed, but subtle taste. Mostly the candy taste. These will feel like regularly advertised 500-1000mg or so distillate edibles. These will pack a punch. It’s common for users to feel a super intense high for as long as 18 hours. Medicated Nerds Rope infused with 400mg THC in each rope.

Buy Nerds rope edible online

Tastes better than any other edible on the market, both legal and underground, and tastes better than commercial gummies. Made from scratch.

True dosage of activated THC quantity with a guarantee for CBDs and a proprietary method to help digestive absorption into the bloodstream.

Exclusive proprietary recipe

Gluten-free. Has sugar. Has gelatin. This is not vegan.

100% organic

Concentrates from full-spectrum activated concentrates.

Strong, delicious, and must of all – potent! These THC infused nerds ropes will have you higher than a kite on a nice clean ride. Nerds rope edible for sale

Nerds rope edible for sale

A sweet medicated candy and gummy edible so tasty, words can’t even describe. Made in a variety of flavors from Strawberry, Blueberry, Cherry, and Grape, Medicated Nerds Ropes 400mg THC infused candy.

Altogether, for just a limited time only, you won’t want to miss this delicious gummy ropes covered in Wonka’s crunchy candy created with quality THC ingredients. Nerds rope edible 400mg, order medicated nerds rope, delta 8 nerds rope


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Strawberry, Blueberry, Cherry, Grape


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